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  • Why Children Misunderstand Parents

    23rd Mar 2020 by

    Misunderstandings are a result of our distorted, warped and twisted messages, misinterpreted signals as well as obscure instructions and muddled and unclear exhortations that lack transparency, clarity, honesty, openness and even a sense of connection with our kids. They are basically advice, suggestions and recommendations and casual conversations as well as our messages gone awry.… Read more

  • Six Powerful Ways To Empower Your Children

    27th Feb 2020 by

    Empowering our children should be foremost on our minds and should be prioritized while raising our children. Parenting is all about empowering and strengthening the minds, spirits and bodies of the children. All strategies to raise our children go down the drain and will fail if we don’t empower them adequately and help them to… Read more

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