Conscious Parenting is the Key to Deeper Connections with Children

Conscious parenting and mindfulness are not something that parents expect to learn from their children, yet these are the two powerful aspects that I learnt on my journey of parenting a soon to be 5 year old daughter. Following the birth of my baby girl, I was completely clueless, totally unprepared, and was woefully inadequate and ignorant to face the challenges that motherhood and parenting would hurl upon me with such unimaginable fury! I took a cue from my contemporaries as I scoured through the parenting books and websites confident of finding solutions to the myriad dilemmas and confusions around raising a child. They offered me fresh insights and tools to counter the supposedly challenging patterns and problems that my daughter is now a pro at conjuring up! 

However, although a semblance of calm had descended upon me amidst a flurry of sleepless nights, chaos and wails that I thought were a creation so magically manifested by my daughter, I knew deep inside that something was missing. Is there no room for a deeper connection between my daughter and me? Can a teeny-weeny and skinny-crawly of an infant wreak such unimaginable havoc while I stood speechless and powerless? These questions were nagging me. When I realised that my kid was emulating my negative patterns including my stressful reactions at her innocuous pranks, my sense of pain when I had to wean away and break free from my strong attachments to books, gadgets and TV in order to focus on her ‘infinite’ needs, I realised until I led from the front and modelled the right qualities like self-discipline, patience and exhibit better stress management, time management and control over my emotions, needs, priorities and reactions, my daughter would never be in control of herself let alone her life! She would be an emotional wreck!

The realisation unnerved me and swung me into action. I want my daughter to be a happy, free, kind and confident person and enjoy her childhood without the emotional stresses and dysfunctions usually found in adults. And I better get my act together! So, while I consciously spent time with her, I realised it was her emotional needs and validating her feelings more than the physical that mattered to her. So instead of making more of her favourite sweets and soups, I was re-reading her favourite books, solving jigsaw puzzles, indulging in childish chatter, laughter and innocent pretend games apart from mentoring her. God, I never knew that such a powerful mentor and counsellor existed within me!! As I connected with her emotionally and consciously, a bond so deep and long-lasting was established. Gone were my obsessions, fixations, limitations, mental reactions and irrational fears, and a new me emerged. I knew I had evolved beyond my expectations even as I became a confident mother having acquired life skills that I know would sustain me forever! Conscious and happy parents are responsible for the holistic growth and success of a child!

Conscious Parenting is the Key to Deeper Connections with Children

Discover how conscious parenting helps to resolve issues with your children.


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