Validate and Nurture the Humorous Dimension of Children

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Validate and Nurture the Humorous Dimension of Children

Her inimitable pranks and innate humour enthral me completely! Her imaginative prowess bowls me over and casts a hypnotic spell over me! As she calls it a day, my daughter unfailingly expresses her gratitude and reverence to nature. The beauty of the sprawling river before us and the ‘night that is still young’ leave us both in awe! “Goodnight river, goodnight lovely moon and the wonderful buildings, I will see you in the morning”, my little one gushes as she lovingly hugs me and whispers night-night into my ears. This endearing gesture reflecting her innate imagination is immediately juxtaposed by an outrageously and totally unacceptable action. As she doesn’t feel sleepy a bit and in the least exhausted, she decides to play and humour me by indulging in some frivolous talk, running around and messing up the house leaving me not in splits but only exasperated!

Blessed as kids are with natural intelligence, beauty, humour as well as imagination and creativity they constantly find infinite ways to regale and entertain us! While we have no qualms in acknowledging their creative dimension and in fact earnestly strive to nurture it, do we have it in us to embrace their funny facet and actually cherish and pamper their humourous side? Conventional and traditional adults practising outdated methods of mentoring the kids frown upon that very thought and reject it outright. Afterall raising disciplined and well-mannered children is at the heart of any parenting manuals, isn’t it? Does it mean we stop cherishing and neglecting the quirky and hilarious aspects to them? Naughty kids are to be tamed and fixed is usually the refrain!

Most children are intrinsically fun-loving and jovial. However, during the process of parenting they are conditioned and moulded to the extent that their individuality is lost. As parents we should be sensitive and recognise their personal traits as well as inherent qualities and endevour to value their unique dimension.

Why Validating Their Humourous Side is Important

It is extremely crucial to acknowledge, recognise, approve, validate, nurture and pamper their humourous facets as humour is only a positive and attractive attribute. Many adults are easily turned on and admire those kids possessing the ability to crack a joke or two and lighten the mood. A healthy sense of humour in kids is extremely beneficial and productive in the long run. It is a testimony to their intelligence and creativity. Witty kids simply stand out and have an edge over their peers given their easy go attitude, expertise to crack jokes, amicable nature and the ability to effortlessly make friends. These kids grow up to perceive life differently with a refreshing outlook and aren’t overwhelmed by the stresses of life. As they seamlessly make the transition into adulthood, these kids turn out to be happy, content, confident, empathetic, competent and successful kids!

What Happens When Authentic Traits like Humour Are Not Valued, Encouraged and Nurtured

Kids Lose Their Intrinsic Nature, Qualities and Talents – Recognize that humour is a rare talent and gift that your kids possess. Not many are born with a funny bone so take notice and pay heed to it while it still exists and lasts. Ignoring, neglecting and turning a blind eye to your child’s skills is detrimental to their holistic development and growth. Before long they lose touch with their true essence and lose their inborn talents.

Kids Lose Their Individuality – As adults we fiercely guard our independence as well as try to protect our individuality in whatever little ways we can. We value our individuality and personal preferences, tastes, enjoy thinking independently and taking autonomous decisions. So why do we adopt double standards when it comes to raising our kids? If we don’t respect and nurture their intrinsic and innate qualities of humour, wit and their penchant for laughter and comedy, sooner or later they are likely to lose touch with their personal likes and qualities and in the process their ow individuality.

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Validate and Nurture the Humorous Dimension of Children

Many parents unwittingly neglect the humorous dimension of children. Understand how encouraging humour in children and entertaining their pranks will help in their holistic growth and development!




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