Finding the True Love of My Life!

“Am I the true love of your life, she asks oozing raw passion, charm and innocence”! At once, I am bewitched at her intrinsic ability to ask thought-provoking and profound questions. Questions that leave me pondering and searching my inner reserves for the right and exact answers that would quench her thirst for knowledge and wisdom. A few questions are just easy and straightforward and are very easy to answer. A few more are far too intellectual for her age! Others are mundane and repetitive, and as I admire my daughter’s uncanny skill to convert even the most drabbest of questions into interesting and most complicated ones, I try to recollect the time I spent with her over the last few weeks, especially to dwell on our conversations that are typically witty, humorous, rather cognitive or academic for her age and ruthlessly interrogative replete with far too many ‘whys’, ‘whats’, ‘whens’ and ‘hows’ which would instantly see me employing some sharp and quick diversionary tactics to distract her attention to other topics of interest!

As I review my interactions and intimate moments with my daughter over the last few weeks, I realize I often keep repeating that she is the love of my life whom I adore, care and love deeply at which point she decides she won’t let anyone else have my attention and care. The moment I express my affection for another child, person or even another object she would protest vehemently and be overwhelmed with feelings ranging from anger, frustration to envy. My daughter absolutely hates it when she finds me engrossed in the pages of a book or lost in the details of a website. Succumbing to the tv programs and relishing my own home-cooked food are frowned upon by my little one. As someone who enjoys to be included in every activity and insists on taking up joint pursuits, looking at me disapprovingly whenever I perform a task independently, she would counsel that (her innate wisdom on full display) we should work as a team so that tasks get accomplished much faster while working together!  As she would say if I love her so much, we should be doing everything together be it sleeping, waking up in the morning, cleaning, cooking, reading, writing, eating, getting ready for an outing or just the regular walks at the park. She is quick to offer help with my cooking and cleaning chores that I usually tend to turn down, rather wanting her to focus on her studies. I understand that it’s her love and affection for me that makes her want to chip in and contribute her bit to what she thinks would lighten my workload.

In her, I have found my true love and soul mate! She notices even the tiniest of my facial expressions quick to catch them the minute they arise and asks me what thought was on my mind that caused me to pause and ponder. The slightest sign of reaction or worry on my face would grab her attention leading to a barrage of questions ranging from if I was doing ok or if something bothered me and why I was thinking at all while strongly urging me and advocating that I should stop showing so much concern and care for something that doesn’t deserve my concentration. She is outspoken and outright with her opinions having no doubts on counselling me and offering advice on the do’s and dont’s in life.

As she pulls out that little white strand of hair from my head and shoves herself forward to observe closely at the tiniest of the moles on my face causing her to think aloud while having both of us in splits, she spares no time in discussing the outfits that I should put on, the variety of footwear I should possess, handbags that I should be flaunting and why I should stop being such a minimalist and should actually go for that fancy hairdo as well as that overdue make up!

Mornings are invariably welcomed with the question ‘hey mummy, did you have a good night’s rest’? She is usually the first person in the house to take notice of my threaded eyebrows or anything different and new about my look. Nothing escapes her eyes! The other day, I wore a new pair of pants and as expected she was the first to enquire when and where I purchased them from and whether it flattered my image. True to her character, she congratulated and complimented me as well as gave her valuable feedback on the brand that I had bought! A caring and gentle soul that she is, she would frequently be seen carrying my footwear around often justifying her action that it was now her turn to help me put on my shoes as I do that everyday for her. She tries to reciprocate in her own incredible ways my acts of kindness towards her. While she gets busy pampering me with her inimitable quirky ways, I can’t help but glow with happiness and beauty that only true love can bestow upon us!!


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