My Daughter’s Inimitable Pranks

Parents of toddlers would unanimously agree that not a single day passes without drama in their households. Embarrassing situations, anxious moments, clumsy scenarios are only to be expected for parents with bratty tots. The other day, I felt sheepish and embarrassed when my two year didn’t even display the slightest compunction to snub me, defy me and accuse me in front of my visitors. My daughter is not the coy one who would sheepishly hide behind her mummy. She is one dare devil who catches you off guard with her pranks, gets dramatic and manipulative when you least expect it. She plays favourites far too often leaving me astounded. She yells, swears and throws tantrums at the drop of a hat. Yep, she is a prankster who loves to humour and annoy you! A drama queen that she is, she constantly explores infinite ways to grab your attention!

My guests thoroughly enjoyed the drama unfolding before them. My toddler’s pranks coupled with her high-pitched singing of newly learnt rhymes, her ‘sweetie-cutie’ talks bowled them over with me nowhere in the picture. They were even more entertained when they heard all the stories of how frequently I would lose my temper at what she believed were her innocuous pranks and habits until this happened.

Out of the blue, my daughter, much to our consternation, pounced on their little son, pawing his chubby cheeks with her razor sharp nails leaving him a bundle of pain, dismay and unending sobs. My relative shuddered and pulled her son back. Taken aback, she interrogated me with the tone of an upright police officer, “Don’t you trim her nails? I am sorry, she raises a hue and cry while getting her nails trimmed. I had planned to do it when she was asleep but just forgot”. And suddenly, my guests lost all interest and got up to say it was time for them to return home. They looked at my daughter who winked with her trademark mischievous twinkle in her eyes!!!

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