Children Definitely Lighten You!

Feeling stressed out, depressed, lazy and dull? In need of some counselling and looking for a therapist? Stop worrying and start spending time with kids especially toddlers and you will be surprised at their uncanny ability to calm your nerves and lighten you. Initially the naughty kids may give you a tough time but as you get familiar with their tricks and pranks, chances of you getting smarter and outwitting them are higher!

Kids hate self-absorbed adults. Adults immersed in their own activities oblivious to the happenings in their surroundings are loathed. Displaying a cold and stiff demeanor is a big no! Rather, children would like you to be light, enthusiastic, crazy and witty like them.

Get both your hands dirty as you play with your kids making sand castles, prepared to get drenched in the splash pool, drop your inhibitions as you dance and waltz to some music that only kids can enjoy (the ones that incessantly play on Baby TV and Disney TV) while you actually don’t see a reason to be excited! Summon all your courage to exert your vocal chords as you learn to sing and even begin to enjoy the rhymes your kids’ croon. Laugh your head off as you and your kid try to pull each other’s legs with tricks and jokes. Toddlers adore pulling up insane faces, so train yourself to don the mantle of a clown by making various faces and tickle the funny bones in children. Draw and doodle with them while reading stories and bringing characters to life!

Pretend games are generally popular among kids under five, so engage them with fun activities, you will be surprised at their unparalleled levels of intensity and excitement! They won’t even exhibit the slightest sign of discomfort or inhibition as they let their imagination run wild and take wings! Take to outdoors and play soccer, which no doubt exhilarates the little ones. They go gaga at the mere sight of kicking as it revs up their adrenaline and enables them to let their steam off as well as release their boundless energy!

Subsequently, you see yourself dropping the heaviness of the world and beginning to enjoy life with child-like excitement and glee. In the company of children, adults lighten up and brighten up with new vigour, wit and humour. All the more reason to be a parent, do you agree?     



Children Definitely Lighten You!

Don't we all agree that our children lighten us in so many lively ways? They keep us young and happy!


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