Our Children Are Our Biggest Cheerleaders!

Compliments from all quarters and corners are always welcome. Needless to say they make our day and lift our morale and sense of well-being like nothing else. Everyone loves compliments with narcissists insanely obsessing over them and often craving to be showered with praises while people with their feet firmly on the ground and more level-headed tend to accept them far more objectively and rationally. They don’t let all the praises get into their heads, rather endeavour to channel them in the most appropriate manner for their own personal evolution and growth!

Compliments represent validation of our efforts and attempts in our quest for success and perfection. They are vital and crucial for every individual. A pat on the back would make a world of difference to a person’s sagging spirits. People feel thrilled, excited, elated, motivated, vindicated, recognised and validated for their contributions. If compliments can mean so much to adults one can understand how much of value and importance they assume for the kids!

My daughter is usually the first one to compliment me, she is quick to appreciate and acknowledge my efforts for what she calls the best and yummiest food I whip up every day just for her. She doesn’t hesitate to screw up her nose in disapproval and give me her feedback in case of excess salt or sweetness in the dishes. At the age of 5, she is already a connoisseur, relishing food and dishing out advice on the quality of cuisines prepared at home. It indeed feels exhilarating when your own kid squeals in excitement that ‘my mom makes the best food in the world’!

Thanking me and expressing her gratitude for the routine school runs and acknowledging me for taking care of all her needs, she recognises my efforts with a slew of compliments, appreciation as well as appropriate gestures and actions. On a day when I feel sluggish and my energy levels down, I have my biggest motivator and cheerleader in my kid just by my side! Quick to conjure up a variety of tricks and already a pro at making profound statements, she gushes ‘Mummy, you are the best in the world’! I can’t help but wonder at her innate wisdom and maturity that completely belie her age!!


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