Kids Embody Self-love

Only kids can come up with the most authentic and ingenious statements!! Used as they are to speaking their minds, a telling reflection of their imagination and creativity regardless of situations and circumstances, they are candid, forthright, bold and stay true to their intrinsic nature, genuine feelings and emotions. Humour and thinking independently come naturally to them. They don’t give two hoots about diplomacy and don’t give a damn about political correctness! They don’t let people’s opinions overly or unduly affect them even as they incorporate their feedback positively. They have a clear sense of self and an understanding of who they are. They naturally believe in themselves and self-worth, self-love and self-esteem are intrinsic to them. Kids are experts at making creative and bold statements! They are self-made!

The other day when playing with my daughter in the park and letting our steam off , I saw that she was missing her friends and longed for their company. Usually as someone who is extroverted and loves to socialise and make new friends, she was completely out of her elements. Perhaps she saw me distracted while I was waiting for another mum who unfortunately got held up.

The ability to offer support and encouragement comes naturally to kids. Seeing my daughter out of sorts, another kid offered to engage her and play with her. Her recalcitrance to not play with him and remain in her current state of grumpiness didn’t put him off. He went on to make profound statements in the genre of self-help, motivation and wellness while boldly declaring “I am my own friend” leaving me startled at his sudden revelation!

Epiphanies and new realisations dawned on me. His statement was a true reflection of his self-confidence, self-worth and above all self-love for himself. He wasn’t deterred and demotivated. Such self-love and respect for himself sent me into ruptures and I learnt an important lesson that day.

Respect and Value Yourself – Often we give undue importance to other people’s opinions and perceptions about ourselves so much so that as adults we forget our intrinsic value and worth. We lose touch with our innate qualities and talents. We forget that self-love is innate but go out aggressively to seek validation and approval from others. If only we cared to look within, we would realise that “we are an ocean of pure love and all bliss originates from us and come from within”. We are inherently skilled at emitting positive energy and vibrating at higher levels while reflecting true strength, character and beauty as we go about achieving impossible feats and manifesting our deepest desires and ambitions.

Let’s Learn Self-Love from Children – Often it is from kids that parents learn important things. Kids help us to look at ourselves from a new perspective, they shed light into those unknown facets of our personality that we never knew existed before. We learn and understand about ourselves better in the company of little ones. We realise that our natural strengths, talents, love, abundance and happiness were always inherent in us but along the way we forgot to take notice of them and nurture them.

It is important that we recognize the innate self-love in us and take care of ourselves well especially as mothers we tend to put our personal needs and interests behind everyone else’s. As we constantly prioritize our family members’ interests and enjoy the nurturer role, we must understand only happy and fulfilled mothers lay the foundation for robust, successful and happier families.

Self-love is an amazing trait and key to an individual’s inner growth and transformation. Sometimes for mothers as is likely to happen with new ones when they become the sole nurturers and providers for their little ones the pressure of early motherhood of addressing the physical and emotional needs of her young infant is actually compounded by her own health issues like sleep deprivation, hunger pangs, in some cases anemia followed by unexpected blood loss during child birth or in the following months and hormonal imbalance/changes triggering the worst mood disorders even causing post-natal depression as well as unprecedented fatigue and loss of vitality after a c-section, self-love is all the more crucial playing an important role in their healing and recovery. It also bridges and strengthens a mother’s bond with her child and partner in mysterious ways. For marriages and relationships lacking in validation, true empathy and connection self-love if practiced sincerely and regularly brings in abundance and in unknown ways restores the balance and dynamics in a family. Loving oneself unconditionally despite all our flaws and weaknesses as well as forgiving oneself and embracing ourselves for our mistakes which we unwittingly commit on our parenting journey is extremely crucial not just for our personal holistic growth but also our family’s!

Kids Embody Self-love

Yes, our children personify self-love and as adults and parents we simply fail to notice it. Find out how kids embody self-love in this article!


Kids Embody Self-love!

Children teach us self-love in several ways! It's amazing how we can grow rich by just observing our kids and tuning our frequencies with that of our children.




  1. Loved reading the post, Vidya

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    • Glad you enjoyed the article, Shivali. You may also like ‘Children are Self-made Already’, ‘Recognising Your Child’s Intrinsic Worth and Virtues Makes Parenting Easier’, ‘Validate and Nurture the Humorous Dimension of Children’ among others. Thank you!


      • I am following your posts, sensitive issues, addressed very sensibly… It would give me a great deal of encouragement if you could read some of my posts, I have recently started penning my thoughts in the form of blogs..Wishing you & your family a very Happy Deepawali


      • Thanks for that observation, Shivali. Yes, I will definitely read your posts and would certainly love to collaborate with fellow bloggers. My hearty Diwali wishes to you and your family! Cheers!


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