Recognising Your Child’s Intrinsic Worth and Virtues Makes Parenting Easier

Have we paused to look and admire the intrinsic abilities and natural talents that our kids possess? We may take a peek into them now and then, also have an inkling into their inherent nature but somehow due to various compulsions like the lack of time, our busy schedules and our own unconscious patterns which are so deliberately and masterfully designed to take control over us time and again, there is a tendency to not give due attention to the gifted attributes that our children have in them.

Know that all kids are intrinsically talented as well as possess innate virtues and it is up to us to recognise, harness and hone them. Just like their boundless energy children have infinite potential! They are a complete package already, blessed with incredible gifts and natural talents. If only we are sensitive to that fact and capitalise on it! We have no qualms saying that kids are extremely energetic, mischievous and hyperactive and that they never get exhausted. However, when it comes to understanding their intrinsic potential or competencies, we are naturally predisposed to doubt them and turn sceptical. We don’t really trust in their individual values, greatness or abilities, instead we instinctively feel that we should try to forcefully instil all that in them. Help the kids see their greatness, don’t try to instil it because it already exists. We frantically strive to develop their creativity and imagination while inculcating impeccable social manners, discipline, respect, love and obedience. No, we don’t have to struggle and make parenting sound and look as onerous!

How Parenting is Made Easier by Acknowledging Innate Virtues Already Present in Kids

The minute I spotted the skills and her intrinsic worth as well as her innate positive characteristics or virtues, the job of parenting got much easier and enjoyable. I sensed that I don’t have to pressurise myself to make myself heard while trying to inculcate the so-called right qualities in her. When I internalised that all those admirable and wonderful virtues were already present in her and my job was only to further consolidate, strengthen and build upon them by providing the right support and encouragement, I could see my daughter blossoming rapidly and living up to her potential effortlessly. We don’t have to struggle to build their talents. Since they already exist, we only need to channel, harness and hone them to perfection!

Know Your Kids are Already Competent and Talented

Parents are generally known to harbour preconceived notions and misconceptions about raising kids. Several myths and misunderstandings abound around parenting. Small wonder we are taken aback and outraged beyond our belief when all our knowledge don’t come in handy but instead boomerang and fly on our faces in the light of new insights that our kids offer us relating to our own attitudes, mind patterns and behaviour. It’s only during the hands-on parenting phase that we entirely understand and master the art of parenting!

Many parents are of the belief that we need to start from scratch to develop a child’s personality and inculcate the right values to influence their understandings, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. No, we need not. I took great pains to make my kid understand however success kept eluding me as I was making her see everything through my lens and narrowed perspective or limited vision. It was only when I stepped into her shoes and ‘wore her glasses’ that I was able to view all sights and visions from her angle and admittedly they looked a lot clear and better without the blurring effects. As I empathised more with her and viewed the world thorough her eyes I was able to see all the wonderful talents buried within her and waiting to be discovered, noticed and validated. The right traits, skills and characteristics as well as talents are already inherent and innate in our children. The onus is on parents and adults to see, understand and acknowledge that fact!


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