Questions Galore!

Questions galore with a five-year-old around! So do answers from eager parents! Questions, unquestionably and indisputably are an integral part of growing up and they are crucial to every child’s development. Parents should be elated if they are inundated with queries of all kind from their children and in fact it should be a cause for worry if their little ones don’t show any interest whatsoever in speaking up their minds and interrogating their parents.

An expert that she is in probing her parents, my five-year-old often throws some challenging questions and looks at me eagerly for answers. Some are general questions and can be answered straightaway while others require thought, tact and intelligence to match the sharp wit and mental acumen of a child. A few questions are remarkably timely and relevant to the situation that make me admire the innate wisdom in my daughter. Yet others are far too personal to answer! There are more questions from my child that are a pointer to her mischievous attitude. I can easily discern from the type of questions she puts forth and make out if she is asking them out of authentic curiosity or just being keen on playing a few mind games and tricks on me!

Children enjoy testing our capabilities and knowledge and invariably show a penchant to interview adults. Several times when she is bored, she breaks the ice with a myriad of why’s and what’s. My daughter unfailingly comes up with questions when she finds me busy and absorbed in my work which she actually resents. Other queries are asked when she wants to divert my attention from focusing on important things. With some understanding, patience and guile several questions from our little geniuses can be countered and answered successfully, appropriately and masterfully. It is with time and practice that I learnt to negotiate the teasers and complicated questions from my daughter with maturity, poise and skill!

Questioning spirit has always existed within children and it should always be welcomed and encouraged. Some parents in their rush and ignorance just kill it. Conventional parents perceive questioning by their kids as disobedience, defiance, arrogance and unwelcome disruption to their regular activities and even unsolicited heroism on a child’s part. Therefore, they don’t encourage or nurture the questioning dimension of their children.

My daughter started probing me as soon as she started speaking and entered the domains of ‘toddlerhood’. As a toddler, her pranks coupled with questions were daunting for an adult but with practice even an inexperienced parent will start to negotiate and tackle the questions with diligence and professionalism. During one of our Q & A sessions a few years back, something that has been glued to my memory even now, my kid quipped ‘mama, the moon is here so where has the sun gone’? Before I could respond the sun has travelled to another continent, she decides to answer her own question innocently ‘oh the sun has gone to sleep and is on a holiday’! Ah, children and their incredible questioning and reasoning ways!

Questions Galore!

Questions are only to be expected in households with children. Many parents would unanimously agree that it is the questioning spirit of their children that keep them young and smart!



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