It’s Question-Time with Our Children Now!

Forget the question hour and question time with intelligentsia and popular public figures on various news channels, it’s now question time or question hour with our children that is proving to be far more intriguing and challenging! Come weekends, parents are besieged and bombarded with a barrage of questions from their little ones! They are mercilessly subjected to some rigorous interrogation and tough questioning ranging from the ubiquitous one that is religiously uttered in the mornings – ‘mama, can I watch TV or go to park now’ to as simple ones as ‘what’s yummy for breakfast, ‘can I have a play-date with my friend today’ and more nerve-wracking and annoying ‘why should I practise multiplication in the morning or reading and writing for that matter’? ‘Can I do homework later and instead play outdoors’ is another typical query that my daughter raises adding to my ‘answering woes’!

Plans of getting that much needed ‘me time’ are invariably squashed by the naughty children as they are bent on denying us the pleasure of enjoying that much needed personal space. A few parents in their bid to evade the endless volley of questions head out for a drive in the car with their little ones in tow convinced they will be able to distract their kids. Guess what? They now end up inviting more scrutiny and examination from their children who show astonishing enthusiasm to understand how the parts of the car work!

One of the incidents that used to happen with me while driving the car in India was my child constantly meddling with the gear sending me into a panic mode even as I would immediately launch into a lecture on the disastrous consequences of her innocent and childish action of fiddling with the steering and gear can have. As a curious child she would easily get fascinated sitting next to me. Even with the seat belt on she would just lunge to reach the gear. Her zeal for relentless interrogation and action ended only when I swiftly shifted her to the rear seat giving me a reprieve from her exuberant and unflagging questioning spirit!

A child’s feisty questioning spirit is simply unabating as he/she can completely ignore and disregard the situations and ambience preferring to query us no matter where we are, what we do and how busy we are caught up with our individual responsibilities and personal activities. The boundless passion of  children asking questions always amazes me and it is extremely ironical that the very activities especially travelling with them that are supposed to distract and calm them down actually end up amplifying their inquisitiveness and whipping up their curiosity for posing more questions to adults! Often, I take my daughter to the park absolutely certain that it would calm her nerves and mind while releasing her indefatigable energy but instead it has the opposite effect as she doesn’t even make the slightest attempt to spare me, her dad or her grandparents from her unrelenting questions. She keeps probing me as we embark on our walk together and my goal to get a respite turns more elusive and becomes intangible. The only trick that works like magic is letting her play with her friends while I maintain a stoic and safe distance from her!   

It’s Question-Time with Our Children Now!

Move over question-time and question-hour on news channels, it's the question-hour with our children that is more intriguing, gruelling and challenging! Don't you agree!



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