How Parenting Naturally Raises Consciousness and Awareness in Parents

Have you ever wondered how parenting raises consciousness and awareness in parents? Hasn’t everyday parenting with its plethora of issues made us more conscious and aware than we were earlier? Can parents notice how much mindful and conscious they have become post parenthood? Are you now surprised to find yourself bursting and brimming with new ideas, energy and renewed vigour? Have you noticed your latent talents hitherto unknown coming to the fore much to your bewilderment? Can you see an unknown facet within you opening up to fill you heart with fresh enthusiasm stoking your curiosity and infusing you with new strength and vibrance? Is there something within you constantly expanding, blossoming and leading you to your own highest evolution and greatness as you embrace parenting challenges and negotiate them effectively with elan and grace?

Have our horizons of knowledge and wisdom expanded and broadened? Do we find ourselves turning inward looking for solutions to the myriad parenting dilemmas? Are we able to feel and connect to new experiences, insights as well as epiphanies that were earlier rubbished off assuming they never existed?

Parenting is no easy task and it is onerous to say the least! Mentoring, counselling and coaching are undoubtedly daunting requiring intense dedication, patience and perseverance. The issues and problems confronting new-age parents need creative and innovative solutions and not traditional and time-tested strategies. Parenting possesses this incredible ability to rudely shove us into our inner realm to explore its many rooms and dimensions all dwelling within us for finding answers to our children’s and our own predicament.

It was much easier in older generations, however as humanity progressed to attain new degrees of advancement and refinement, parenting too underwent a gradual process of metamorphosis by the development and evolution of consciousness in parents as it turned more sophisticated, and finetuned itself to be in sync with our inner purpose, reality and goals. As our minds evolved and transformed to new levels aligning as well as resonating with our inner calling, parenting our children too grew, changed and transformed to attune to those inner vibes and in fact reflect our core inner values, beliefs and qualities!

New thought processes, fresh even radical parenting notions, approaches and values replaced the old ones. Parents gradually understood they were not doing a favor to their children by providing for their physical and emotional needs but in fact started seeing their children as intelligent and unique beings who entered their lives to show them the world of infinite possibilities all existing within them. A few parents already recognized the fact that it was actually their children that chose them instead of the other way around nudging them to discover their new personal strengths and glory! We realized that our children were independent beings with their own unique individual tastes, inclinations, tendencies and preferences who had arrived to awaken us to a new reality. A reality that doesn’t conform to the traditional norms and definitions of this unpredictable society but rather guided by one’s own intrinsic vibrations that lead us to our own states of higher consciousness!

As parents much to their own astonishment, they usually find themselves shoved into their inner world to delve and search for solutions which are invariably found within. They emerge stronger, replenished and armed with new resources to combat their children’s challenging patterns more creatively and successfully. Both moms and dads generally realise at some point of their parenting journeys that they need to rely on something far more robust, higher and concrete to resolve the deeper crises permeating the parent-children equations. The gamut of emotions that as parents we go through by constantly vacillating between different states of our minds or jumping from one emotion to another in no time and swinging swiftly from excitement, guilt, depression to pain, grief and relief is akin to cleansing and purging spiritual rituals as well deep cathartic psychological processes. Parenting automatically encourages purification of our bodies and souls and it happens by default as soon as the parenting program is activated. It is involuntary and is turned on spontaneously for us to experience profound levels of transformation and evolution while naturally raising our consciousness and awareness levels!

How Parenting Naturally Raises Consciousness and Awareness in Parents

Parenting invariably leads to raising the consciousness and awareness of parents as a result of several challenges that mothers and fathers overcome in the process of raising a child!



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