Mothers Certainly Make for Influential Conscious Parents!

One of the biggest blessings of motherhood and parenting is that many mothers discover a whole new intuitive and creative dimension to themselves when they stumble upon or discover unique parenting methods, techniques and strategies simply on their own and actually become the pioneers of novel, radical and refreshing parenting programs just from their everyday experience of interacting with their children, observing, studying and analyzing their behaviors and attitudes, going deeper and probing issues affecting their little ones and offering solutions along with training them by factoring their individual needs and addressing their specific concerns. Often, they introduce solutions and interventions addressing issues and limitations specific to each child!

Their wide repertoire of knowledge, effective parenting skills and expertise are derived from several sources. Books, parenting workshops, support groups and advice from fellow parents along with online information definitely make for empowering and enlightening learning resources. However, over the course of their motherhood journeys, as they connect with their children and understand their feelings as well as emotions better mothers begin to develop, hone their skills and expand their competencies mainly drawing from their intrinsic intuition or inner guidance mechanism. They intuitively know and now start to trust their inner feelings more to guide their children rather than be influenced by people’s opinions and advice. Overtime they develop the confidence to know what works best for their kids.

Mothers gradually understand that as they think from their hearts and souls to come up with solutions strongly guided by their emotions and inner feelings or rather intuition, they are forging deeper connections and long-lasting bonds with their children. Trusting their intuition enables them to connect not just with their own innate feelings but also of their children while they understand the causes and triggers for the latter’s negative attitudes and emotions. By exploring different strategies and charting out plans to help their kids with their personal issues mothers instantly transform into life coaches! As mothers apply an intuitive-based approach and techniques based on their authentic creativity and empathy they naturally tune into the frequencies of their kids too! As they start connecting with their inner-selves more and more, they find themselves aligning better with the vibrations of their children.

As a result of a mother’s heightened consciousness triggered by several factors beginning from the time of the conception of her baby, the excruciating hours in the labor room typically mixed with pain, anxiety, anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm about the new bundle of joy and happiness she would be delivering literally and figuratively to negotiating and combating the difficult behavior and confusing patterns her children display during toddlerhood and later in their teenage years, several mothers start to deal with these problems confidently like experts!

The very fact that mothers have to negotiate, deal and battle a range of emotions, feelings and challenges on a daily basis lead them to experiment with different and varied approaches, methods, solutions using time-tested, modern and traditional models to see what works better for them and their children. They begin to self-analyze and self-examine their own personal responses, patterns and reactions to their children. Mothers begin to work on their weaknesses as they attempt to fix themselves first before leading from the front and fixing their children.

By recognizing their individual parenting mistakes done inadvertently they not only show remorse but also acknowledge them gracefully. By consciously admitting and acknowledging their unwitting errors, they not only become self-aware but also embark on a personal path of self-growth and individual development and evolution. In doing so, they become conscious themselves and get in touch with their conscious facet to work out ways, identify problems and resolve them using mindful tactics and not ones based on popular beliefs, assumptions, biases or impulses. Answers emerge spontaneously and from within that tend to work positively for both their kids and themselves.

A raise in consciousness and awareness is the natural outcome of motherhood and parenting our children. No woman enters motherhood armed with all the knowledge relating to parenting. It’s only during the journey of raising her child, she realizes her own innate strengths, abilities and potential. As a mother, she discovers that conscious and mindful parenting come naturally to her as a result of her long stint and day to day hands-on personal experience of interaction, negotiation, nurturing, training and dealing with her kids.

She realizes the benefits of conscious parenting and begins to see that by mindfully connecting with her children and adopting conscious parenting practices, she is able to achieve the desired outcomes even as the entire parenting experience and her relationship with her child transforms into a deeper, meaningful and fulfilling bond. As though a light has been turned on to dispel darkness mindfulness in parenting gives her the result she has been longing for and ends most of her parenting dilemmas. Conscious parenting is a result of the increased awareness and consciousness in mothers! Mothers who are highly aware invariably practice conscious and mindful parenting totally aware of its advantages both for their children and themselves! Mothers soon understand that by acting consciously and mindfully they are not just bridging the gap between their children and themselves but also contributing to the holistic growth of their kids. By being conscious mothers, they set an example and also raise the consciousness in their children!


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