Empathising Comes Naturally to Children!

Children are indisputably blessed with innumerable gifts and talents. They enter the world with their own many blessings and bring in a multitude of incredible skills as well as resources with them. Before we try to discover and explore their strengths, they would have already taken baby steps to showcase and reveal some of the gifts they possess. They usually give us an inkling into their interests and hobbies much before as parents we find their several positive traits and competencies. As children they showcase or reveal their many hidden talents and lend us a peak into their unique characteristics and traits that make them special!

Empathising Comes Naturally to Children

Most children have a high degree of empathy and sensitivity in them which ensures they become caring, sensitive and responsible individuals later on.


Children make no secret of their creativity, intelligence and unique charm as they try to bring their expertise and prowess to the fore and express their incredible talents in so many different and special ways but as parents we aren’t quick to open our eyes to see and applaud them. We think it is our responsibility to discover their hidden potential and bring them to limelight even though as kids they don’t lose any opportunities to give us an insight into their inimitable nature and extraordinary world of gifts, abilities and expertise. As parents most of us feel we know what is best for our children and in fact end up acting on our own personal desires, goals and aspirations on behalf of our children rather than recognizing their inner strengths and areas of interest or their general inclinations to guide them appropriately in accordance and alignment with their inner leanings or calling.

Several people believe that it is important to teach and develop empathy in children and raise sensitivity and understanding in them along with developing sympathy. If only we understand that empathy is already present in copious proportions in all children. Children are gifted with a multitude of qualities and empathy isn’t exactly alien to them. The grown-ups may have forgotten all about it in their hurry to compete and succeed in the rat race, not the kids though who retain innocence and their quintessential graceful behavior especially towards other species and life forms!

When I watched my daughter empathize with my pain as she tried to grab me while I agonizingly squirmed after pulling a muscle I could already see the heightened levels of empathy and sensitivity in her. She at once rushed to me to check if I was alright and true to her character, she drilled me with a myriad of questions probing if I will need to visit the doctor and even coming up with her personal recommendations and advice. It is heartening when I see her showing the same degree of concern for her dad and grandparents too. She ends up empathizing with their suffering and motivating as well as counselling them out of it.

Children naturally show affection towards other species and their enthusiasm for cats, dogs and other pets when surrounded by them demonstrate their level of empathy. My child has a natural ability to admire birds and other pets like cats and dogs. She would often observe that the birds have come calling into our house to have their breakfast and they should be fed before they become too hungry and begin to starve. Her respect towards other life forms like trees, plants and so many other ‘lesser beings’ as also celestial ones indicates her degree of sensitivity and reverence for the plethora of life forms that sustain life on Earth.

As parents all we need to do is encourage and nurture their empathy and sensitivity quotients instead of starting from scratch to develop them. As empathy is natural to kids we only need to support our children for their unique and individualistic characteristics and extraordinary talents. How easy! If we fail to espouse and show signs of discouragement or indifference towards their innate nature and intrinsic gifts chances are as children they are likely to lose and even forget them at some point as they are busy growing up at a rather astounding pace!



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