Guess Who’s Employing Diversionary Tactics Now

Intuitive and Conscious Parenting


It’s well-known that adults and parents employ diversionary tactics to retrieve themselves from tricky and sticky situations that their children create and evade the endless barrage and bombardment of questions from them. A quick change of topic and employment of distracting strategies to divert the attention of kids help us to control and manage the situation that threatens to be spiralling out of our hands.

My daughter endears herself with her captivating story-telling capabilities and enthrals people with her singing prowess. I provide her optimum support and encouragement but like most children she goes overboard and topples the parent-child dynamics by not heeding my advice and not being open enough to my suggestions. She is always on an entertainment mode and chooses to regale me with her original songs and make-up stories without the slightest consideration to situations, ambience and people! 

The brave heart and happy go lucky girl that she is, my kid humours me in all public places – be it buses, trains or just the usual walks to school or grocery store. She prefers to go public with her tales and experiences that are actually meant to be discussed only privately. No amount of pleas, requests or advice and commands to stop would make her deactivate her entertainment sessions! I immediately resort to some quick diversionary tactics that are amazingly effective!

However, guess who is now employing my personal brand of distracting strategies much to my chagrin. It is my little one! She started exploring it as early as at the age of two and now she is an expert at distracting and diverting my attention especially when I am addressing her. Try engaging her in a lengthy counselling and mentoring session following one of her naughty, prank-playing defiant moments, she effortlessly brings up another topic or just stops me with what she thinks are more pertinent questions that would add value to our serious discussion.

Children have the natural ability to defend themselves and she astutely resorts to some of the best defense one-liners protecting and absolving herself from all accusations. They are professional defense counsels! Tricking us and outwitting adults are some things that children enjoy so my child procrastinates and dithers while brushing her teeth in the morning because she finds the task rather monotonous. In order to enliven the situation and beat the morning blues she poses several questions while engaging me with her riveting conversations. Initially, I get drawn towards her without realising that she has actually tricked me by cleverly faking genuine curiosity and showing an authentic hunger for learning!

Gradually I understand she was only resorting to some diversionary tactics to put off her tasks and drag her feet on her chores by not completing them on time. I immediately had to get my act together by establishing rules and setting boundaries to thwart her master plans and designs of outsmarting her parents!

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