Renouncing Parenting Responsibilities During Stress Eases Parent-Child Dynamics

It is only stating the obvious that stress influences parenting and our ability to nurture and cherish our moments with our children as well as appropriately counsel, mentor and guide our little ones. Among several factors such as financial resources, positive and productive environment, harmonious family relationships, constructive ambience along with empowering and enlightened company stress is a major factor that directly impacts parenting skills and hampers the health and well-being of a family. We will struggle to accomplish even the smallest of tasks or fail to add value and contribute. Stress definitely plays a vital role in parent-children equations.

Spending time with our children when we are stressed out can easily complicate the dynamics we share with them. Instead of defusing situations, it can easily aggravate and exacerbate them. Stress not just causes disharmony and spreads negativity around a family but also creates an ambience of toxicity and tension vitiating our surroundings and causing waves of disturbances and disquiet in the vibrations and frequencies of people we come in contact with considering it is contagious. The stressful reactions and vibes we emit can only escalate issues and cause frictions and cracks in the parent-child relationship. It would be in the best interests of the families for parents to refrain from mentoring their kids and renounce all parenting responsibilities when they are stressed out and emotionally drained.

Physical and mental exhaustion immediately lowers the consciousness and awareness of parents making them susceptible to errors and vulnerable to various emotional reactions and negativity. Stressful signs and symptoms demand immediate attention and withdrawal from all activities. Even indulging in small talk when the mind is not focused enough but has its attention elsewhere creates unwanted feelings like distrust and misunderstandings within a close-knit circle. It is so easy to respond thoughtlessly and react irrationally as well as act unreasonably in the face of adverse circumstances. Taking a break from chores and giving up parenting activities temporarily while relaxing and resorting to those actions that offer us relaxation and comfort should be embraced by all means even though it would entail refraining from all parenting duties and active engagement with our little ones.

Without a doubt, stress is a negative energy and brings out the bitter emotions that are locked up and buried within so parents should be alert and watch out for any signs of its manifestations. They should at once desist from any actions that may impact their ties with their children. Stress like all negative feelings and emotions is diabolical and detrimental to personal well-being and affects the ties with our loved ones. Stressed out people allow their negative energies to get the better of them and fall prey to its ugly designs. One of the visible signs of stress is distraction and moods swings like irritability and unreasonable emotional reactions. Stressed out people are usually distracted and struggle to focus, and it is evident when parents find it challenging to indulge in the usual banter and chatter with their children. Their distracted look, indifferent demeanor and confusing vibes accompanied by grumpiness and agitation send clear signals to the people around them especially their children who are directly at risk of being affected.  

Needless to say that stress is the foundation of all negative emotions like rage, frustration and depression. Many of the ailments are stress-related and manifestations of our mental ill-health and emotional pain, vulnerabilities and disturbances. It is only natural for stress to reflect in our moods, feelings and our day-to day interactions with our loved ones and therefore it is all the more imperative for parents to detach from their kids and resolve their issues before regrouping with their kith and kin.

Renouncing Parenting Responsibilities During Stress Eases Parent-Child Dynamics!

Giving up our parenting tasks temporarily when we are going through a stressful phase often contributes positively to parent-child equations!


Five Important Activities Parents Should Renounce During Stress

  1. Mentoring and Counselling Children is a Strict No-No – As parenting our children during stressful times is often counter-productive, parents should refrain from engaging in counselling and mentoring activities. It is during stress, that parents are more prone to anger and negative reactions and children can became unwitting victims to our mood swings, so it is all the more crucial to disengage from mentoring and counselling tasks.
  2. Engaging in Parenting Responsibilities and Tasks – Taking a break from routine parenting tasks is the foremost thing do when parents are not in the best of their moods or suffering from stress. Excusing ourselves by explaining to our children about our right and need to some privacy can immediately send a positive message to them who would acknowledge it and respond appropriately. A few moments of solitude to review and analyze our stressful emotions and patterns while deciding and contemplating the next course of action will ease our tension and help us recuperate.
  3. Pursuing Joint Activities with our Children – Taking up activities and pursuits with our kids when we are under stress can definitely boomerang and it should be abandoned at once when the first sign of stress shows up. Not being in the usual positive mood can affect a parent’s ability to interact and bond normally with her child.
  4. Discussing with our Children – All discussions and decisions affecting the parent-child equations should be postponed to a later date or rescheduled at a convenient and suitable time. Stress can have a major consequence on the outcomes of our discussions and decisions concerning our children so parents should take care not to act, discuss and decide when they are confronting challenging times.
  5. Acting and Participating Actively – Most parents enjoy and show keen interest in acting and participating fully in the lives of their children however it can have repercussions when done during stressful times. Contrary to our understandings our stressful energies can rub on to our children who can instantly feel the negative vibes and soon we will end up seeing all our efforts going in vain.

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