Renouncing Comes Naturally To Mothers

Not many people associate renunciation and renouncement with mothers! Renouncing is typically synonymous with monks who have retreated to some unknown and unseen distant and mystical lands to ruminate on parallel realities! They have detached themselves and relinquished all their worldly possessions and materialistic pleasures to embark on a quest for eternal, authentic and infinite happiness that is rather an abstract concept to other mortals. They have consciously withdrawn from mainstream engagements to explore alternative and off-beat experiences while comprehending higher states of consciousness.

Renouncing is mostly applied to evolved beings and enlightened souls who are devoid of any sensory desires. Selflessness and altruistic qualities are automatically attributed to these people who show little interest or enthusiasm for the mainstream and conventional way of living and operating. Joining the league of enlightened and conscious beings are the new-age mothers who have in fact renounced their passions and pleasures that actually once gave them inexplicable joy, believing they would be able to make significant contributions towards the holistic growth of their children. These mothers having given up their mind attachments in fact practice zen-like focus and have an undying commitment towards the well-being and overall growth of their children.

They willingly abdicate and outgrow their attachments to the sense organs such as sleep, food, and personal routine as well as hobbies that once completely consumed them and even gave them a sense of identity. Ever since they became mothers, the first attachment to dissolve would typically be their sleep as they painstakingly and unfailingly attend to the physical and emotional needs of their new-born baby. Next attachment to dissipate as though through some magical process and ritual would be their affinity for food. Meeting the requirements of their little ones become the primary priority with their own need to satisfy their hunger being consigned to the backburner. Their individual passions and independence take a backseat as these mothers unfailingly welcome, nurture and serve their child making the latest member of their family feel comfortable and taken care appropriately.

In a single stroke of brush their individuality and identity are compromised and stripped off while they accommodate their child with her/his own unique persona. Such is their undying devotion to their little ones that they maintain a stoic silence and exhibit remarkable control over their emotions while they deftly negotiate the tantrums and behavioral issues of their children all the while downplaying their personal sacrifices and their exemplary acts of renunciation!

Renouncing becomes their second nature and small wonder that women especially mothers are considered an epitome of sacrifice and martyrdom but are equally vilified and victimized by the same society when they don’t live up to those societal ideals and beliefs or try to defy stereotypes surrounding them!

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