Validating Feelings and Emotions of Children Deepens Our Bond with Them!

Validating children’s feelings and emotions are undeniably crucial for their holistic development. Understanding and empathising with their feelings instantly establish a connection with our children. The parent-child bond strengthens and becomes stronger at once and their relationship undergoes a marked shift and improves drastically. The dynamics between the parent and a child eases immediately and any tension and stress between them dissipate. Validation of a child’s feelings is an antidote to the parent-child tricky equations. The minute we empathise and connect to our child’s emotions and feelings, a connection so deep, eternal, indestructible, timeless and immutable is forged and it sets the ball rolling taking the relationship to a higher plane even transforming the bond between the mother and her child into a spiritual one instead of it remaining at a physical level and existing as just another regular earthly, biological, corporeal and temporal relationship or a mundane worldly contract between two human-beings!

Emotional investment and bonding like financial and physical investments is as crucial a factor in our relationship with our children! Emotional investment is not just vital for establishing deeper ties with the kids but it directly contributes to the success, growth and happiness of our little ones! It is usually those children who have been treated and raised well also nurtured, respected as well as supported adequately for their personal values, beliefs, emotions and feelings in their childhood that transform into compassionate, blissful and successful adults with the ability to offer succor to emotionally vulnerable fellow-beings. These adults attract others with their authenticity, simplicity, sagacity and empathy! They also end up becoming the light that illuminates the dark lives of their peers! They usually turn into influential mentors and leaders often guiding and empowering others with their radically refreshing approach towards life, world and humanity at large. They become the torchbearers and life guides for many people who look up to them!

Acknowledging the feelings, needs and efforts of the kids early in their lives offers them the much-needed encouragement and guidance. Children regard validation as a personal victory and vindication of themselves – their intrinsic talents and skills. Contrary to the popular belief that kids don’t generally welcome parents’ opinions and feedback, approving the efforts and contributions as well as recognising their talents while reminding children of their immense value they add to a parent’s life by their sheer presence makes our children feel loved, valued, validated, special and cherished.

No child in this world should go without being appreciated, cared for, recognised and valued. Kids should be applauded just for the spiritual meaning, value and dimension they bring into our lives! Not acknowledging the value and worth of our child in our lives is tantamount to disrespecting, ignoring and neglecting them. It is definitely detrimental to a child’s personality and hampers the relationship with our children. Denying them their rightful recognition and non-vindication of the feelings, rights, needs and emotions of our children can easily reduce their very being and essence to nothingness and triviality let alone awakening them to see their own greatness making them feel insignificant, small and shallow. It leads to a skewed and negative perception of their own selves resulting in self-destructive feelings and fatalistic emotions like low self-worth, lack of self-belief and confidence in themselves laying a foundation for several psychological and physical illnesses later in their lives.

Connecting and relating to our children’s feelings and emotions not just deepen the ties with our children but also directly contribute to their own understanding of themselves as they forge a relationship with themselves while attuning and aligning appropriately with their own selves. If they get a false, inaccurate and inadequate perception about their selves, it will have undue consequences on their overall personality and their very spirit, being and existence! Validation is a reflection of a parent’s love, commitment, dedication, understanding and empathising with the feelings, needs as well as emotions of their children. It shows how much parents value, love, understand and cherish the bond with their children. By emotionally investing in our child and appreciating their feelings through patient listening without judgements and our personal prejudices, other misconceptions and false beliefs we commit to raising intelligent, intuitive, spiritual and conscientious children!


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