Emotional Investment in Our Children’s Lives Empowers Them

The importance of emotional investment by parents in their child’s lives cannot be overstated. Emotional investment demonstrates our love, commitment and dedication towards our children. It is extremely vital to understand the needs of the little ones and by taking the time out to invest emotionally in their lives to observe their behaviours, emotions and feelings we elevate parenting and empower the children greatly. We try to establish a connection with our children by relating to their needs and understand them better. Once we know and empathise with how they feel and what they are going through the relationship with our children changes significantly and parenting doesn’t seem any more stressful but rather a happy and joyful experience to be felt, lived and enjoyed!

Emotional investment is about the meaningful and productive involvement of parents in the lives of their children. It is about participating actively in their struggles and triumphs as they evolve and grow into successful and happy beings. It is a reflection of our commitment and dedication to raising sensitive, empathetic, strong and conscious children with a strong conscience and intelligence. When we raise children by investing our time in their lives parenting becomes effective and impactful with the ability to transform our children’s lives in unimaginable ways.

Our parenting strategies begin to pay off as we see our children growing up and listening to us as well as responding to our needs and wishes with greater responsibility and maturity while at the same time not being in conflict with their inner values, core beliefs and truths. Parenting isn’t as stressful now as thought and imagined to be. Rather it becomes easy, enjoyable and touches a new level which most parents were earlier unaware of. As parents we start viewing parenting as something special even sacred and accept responsibilities with increased enthusiasm, accountability, maturity and wisdom. A new facet is revealed to us as we embrace parenting challenges wholeheartedly. Children are no longer considered as a stress factor, rather a stress buster while we start to relax and enjoy in their company. As we unwind in their presence a whole new dimension automatically opens up offering us insights into our personal selves and bringing us closer as well as aligning us with our true purpose and goals resonating our core spirit and inner vision!

Emotional investment is imperative if parents are struggling with their kids and fail to understand them appropriately. It is the first step to improve the ties with their children and shows their personal efforts to fix things and see a genuine improvement in the relationship with their children. It demonstrates the parent’s willingness to accept responsibility for the growth and development of her/his child and reflects the understanding and acceptance of parents to be personally accountable and responsible for raising their children as well as upholding his/her duties and responsibilities as a parent. By taking out the time to listen to them and understand their needs, we send positive signals to our kids. It indicates our support and willingness to encourage them along their personal journey of self-discovery, learning and self-growth. It shows we are there to witness every stage of their developmental milestones as well as encourage and support them in their efforts to learn and grow.

Spending time with them is a pointer to our unflagging support to our children’s learning and growth which reassure them tremendously. Emotional investment strengthens the bond between a mother and her child like nothing else. It is a glue that cements the bond and holds it forever. It helps not just in the parents’ better understanding of their children but also leads to children relating to their parents in improved ways by starting to show trust and faith in them. Not showing faith in a parent and not trusting him/her enough is a clear sign of a failed relationship with the parent. It illustrates the lack of belief, understanding and trust in his/her parent on a child’s behalf.

Emotional investment is the key to building lost-lasting ties with our children and it is the secret to establish, deepen and cement our bonds with our little ones. The minute we start communicating and spending time with our children it transmits a positive vibe to our kids that we are looking to engage with them meaningfully and productively. It reassures, motivates and empowers children greatly. Self-absorbed parents are likely to ignore and neglect their children emotionally and simply fail to invest time to understand the needs as well as emotions of their kids resulting in fractured ties and strained relationships with them. Not investing time to emotionally connect and empathise with the needs, emotions and feelings of our children is akin to abdication of parental responsibilities and ignorance of parental duties normally symptomatic of narcissistic and self-absorbed parents!



  1. Loved the write up… have a wonderful 2020


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