Absence of Inner Connection Leads To Unconscious Parenting

Unconscious parenting is the reason and root cause of all conflicts with our children and needless to say it invariably has disastrous consequences on them as well as parents themselves who generally go through feelings of anger, agitation, grief and remorse following their mindless, thoughtless and unconscious actions towards their children. Isn’t it only reiterating the obvious that unconscious parenting can certainly have serious and unprecedented repercussions on a child’s future and even jeopardize it beyond repair! Unconscious parenting is ignoring and failing to understand our children. It is failing to empathize and understand their feelings and not making an attempt to relate or understand their needs and emotions let alone acknowledge them. Unconscious parenting also stems from our own lack of understanding of ourselves and is truly an absence of a connection with our inner selves!

Once a contact is made with ourselves and a connection is established with our core essence then our relationships with everyone else around us transform and undergo a profound shift. A relationship with the self is of utmost importance if we are to forge happy and successful long-lasting bonds with others. Once an alignment is made by connecting with our intrinsic selves, we start radiating our inner and deeper essence while starting to live from our very core being touching the lives of our near and loved ones often in mysterious and surreptitious ways. Our relationship with the self is the key to ending conflicts with others. Forging a relationship with our authentic selves should be our priority rather than striving to develop and build relationships with others. Once we are in tune and in sync with our true selves everything else falls in place!

Unconscious parenting is a reflection of our inner turmoil and our lack of trust in our own higher selves and it is definitely an absence and lack of true inner connection as well as understanding of our real values, beliefs and inner goals. It also shows our lack of interest in knowing and understanding our personal selves and connecting or tapping into that inner wisdom in us to guide us for overcoming external challenges. The reason why many parents act out of unconsciousness is because they haven’t cared to delve deep enough to cleanse and fix their inner domains in order to be able to effect changes to their external circumstances or situations.

Unconscious parenting makes the children feel unworthy, unwanted, ignored and not loved. It breaks their hearts when they realize they are not worthy enough for attention and love let alone be mentored and guided by their parents in the right direction. Most kids suffer silently and end up becoming dysfunctional adults themselves or fail and struggle to establish and maintain relationships. They also lack a sense of identity as they struggle to come to terms with themselves. Some children possess low self-esteem and develop serious self-image as well as self-worth issues without an iota of knowledge and inkling into their inner abundance. They typically have a negative attitude towards themselves and the world either with self-defeatist and fatalistic tendencies or exhibit aggressive and violent behavior towards their counterparts. These individuals are easily impressionable and vulnerable to external influences and can pose a serious threat to society and the general world. They at once become troublemakers because of their troubled inner world and are generally prone to self-harm due to a lack of understanding of their own minds, feelings and needs. They turn into clueless adults always on a destruction mode.

Unconscious parenting shows our obsessions with our individual selves and our own attachments that a new age world and modern lifestyle have brought forth. Parents’ obsessions with their attachments and interests be they hobbies, repetitive thoughts and mind patterns and beliefs is not just a result of our conditioning but also our fundamental unconsciousness in us leading to mindless decisions and actions towards others especially our loved ones. Not parenting consciously reflects a parent’s ignorance of his own self and also the people around him leading to serious parenting errors affecting so many lives in the process. Unconscious parenting definitely exposes the weaknesses in a parent and exemplifies the havoc a dysfunctional adult without a strong connection and knowledge of both his inner and outer worlds can wreck on his own child!


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