Narrating Personal Stories Enriches A Child’s Life

Stories indisputably captivate the imagination and fancy of children and adults alike. Legends, myths and folktales have a place in the genre of fiction and although they are simply unreal, imaginary and actually products of our overthinking, hyperactive and capricious minds replete with hyperboles even reflecting strong biases and ideologies as well as guilty of numerous inaccuracies and distortion, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of facts they catch our fancy, provoke and fascinate us nevertheless. Small wonder kids enjoy story telling sessions the most and make no secret of their admiration for them. Stories undeniably have a powerful ability to regale, entertain, humour and inspire people. They are not objective in the least with the author and story-teller colouring them with their own interpretations tweaking them according to their biases and ideologies for their personal egoic and vested interests.

Story telling is an art and legions of myths and legends are unfailingly passed on and perpetuated from one generation to the next and in the process the truth or the very essence is compromised, misinterpreted and distorted. When real-life stories can be misrepresented and interpreted to suit personal agendas what can be said of fictional folklores and to think some people believe them and accept them literally! Without a doubt fictional tales have no rational basis forget about objectivity. Yet tales and stories continue to enthrall and bewitch human beings and we are drawn to them as though through some mysterious energy.

Narrating stories to children influence and impact children incredibly beyond our imagination and so it becomes all the more important for parents to exercise discretion in choosing and deciding what tales are suitable for our children. Picking up appropriate stories can be tricky and challenging but spending some time would help parents to arrive at a decision and narrow down their choices. Fascinated that they are with stories and the many vibrant characters in them, children love listening to them with their eyes and ears wide open. Listening to stories improve the attention span of the kids and their focus gets sharper as they concentrate intently. Without a doubt, children calm down, start paying attention and focus better during story time.

Telling stories especially personal ones have a far greater impact on our children considering the fact that we are giving them first-hand accounts of what we have seen and experienced. Sharing our personal stories including our triumphs, positive and negative experiences touches the hearts of our little ones in unexpected and inexplicable ways. Children connect and bond with parents at a deeper level when the latter make efforts to speak from their hearts and narrate personal tales to them. Describing personal stories and sharing our individual experiences are vital for strengthening the emotional bond with our kids and it also signifies that we are mentally investing in our child’s life. When parents make it a habit and a daily ritual to narrate stories and share their personal experiences with their children it takes them closer to their kids, deepens each other’s understanding building trust and makes the bond robust and indestructible.

As parents we influence the lives of our children in unimaginable ways and telling stories directly from our personal lives makes a long-lasting impression on them. Parenting is elevated and goes a notch higher as well as becomes effective and powerful when parents make it a part of their daily routine to share their realisations and first-hand accounts of their experiences with their children thereby invariably enriching and touching the lives of our kids.


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