Sharing Personal Childhood Stories and Anecdotes Deepens Parent-Child Bond

Personal stories are enlightening and entertaining to people who hear them. They are one of the effective ways to create awareness and disseminate information and regale as well as enthral readers and audience. They emerge straight from our hearts and they are usually stories and experiences that people lived through with many of the listeners finding them extremely relatable. When we disclose our stories or share our personal experiences with other people, it moves them, touches as well as provokes and makes them to ponder and contemplate over them. Several people connect with personal stories and can empathise with them at a deeper emotional level and in a profound way.

Adults and grown-ups are always interested in each other’s experiences showing keen interest in sharing their personal insights, knowledge and lessons they picked up and accumulated as a result of living, exploring and going through some of the toughest challenges and joyful memorable moments on their individual paths and voyages they undertook to navigate the numerous tricky tunnels and hairpin bends of life. Sharing our individual experiences with relevant anecdotes and stories shows our enthusiasm for valuing, preserving and cherishing memories as well as perpetuating and reliving them. As people we invariably chronicle all important milestones in our minds, and we have a penchant to share them with others and enjoy. Without a doubt anecdotes and personal stories boost the credibility, intelligence and wisdom of the narrator with the reader immediately being able to connect and relate to them. It shows our innate nature and yen for sharing all our recorded impressions with like-minded people on a similar journey.

I make it a point to share most of my personal memories, tales and my own experiences that I went through as a child with my daughter. It instantly lightens our relationship and adds more depth making it stronger, enriching and interesting. It throws more light into the ‘karmic’ bond that I have with my daughter as I try to understand and appreciate it better. It definitely makes our relationship special, fun and interesting. As parents when we narrate and share our personal tales of individual success, beautiful memories and ‘not-so’ positive experiences that contributed to our own empowerment we elevate our relationship with our children and don’t keep it as another regular, monotonous physical and biological relationship. Along with reading stories to my daughter everyday, I ensure I narrate personal anecdotes from my own life which makes my child sit up, notice and listen keenly. That way she understands life better and somehow internalises many positive and negative realities of life instead of perceiving it as a make-believe superficial one. She gets a chance to go deeper and probe more as she tries to glean more information from me in order to be able to ascertain and validate her just developing perspectives and beliefs.

On most occasions my daughter gets excited when I share my memories as I take the time out and devote a session to go down memory lane while pulling out personal tales and experiences that are buried deep in my subconscious. Mindful parenting or parenting with presence involves significant emotional investment and sincere mental involvement with our children and a major component of it is how we choose to spend time with our little ones or optimise our time with them. It can be through playing games with them or mentoring them to boost school performance and taking an active interest in their personal hobbies and grooming them according to their individual beliefs and preferences. For parents with smaller children it can be as hard as understanding their child’s emotions, needs and desires as well as interests to empower them and align them with their genuine interests and goals.

My child simply cannot believe that I had a childhood too and my parents engaged me in activities. When I tell my daughter about my experiences with my parents and recall all those incidents that I went through as a child and share my childhood memories involving family outings and travelling experiences that my parents had organised, it makes me not just relive those nostalgic memories but takes me closer to my child at an emotional and spiritual level. Needless to say, it strengthens and deepens our connection as I devote time towards her personal growth and it definitely makes our relationship fun by easing any stress or tension that can easily and seamlessly develop without our slightest awareness and knowledge.

Sharing and narrating personal anecdotes are important to form and build relationships, friendships and connect with another person. It is an important tool to establish a rapport with our peers. If we are looking to connect consciously and emotionally with our children and build a rapport with them which are extremely crucial to parent-child dynamics then personal anecdotes and narrating our individual experiences along with our stories are a vital factor.


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