Holistic Parenting Involves Recognizing Our Child’s Emotional Needs

Emotional needs are intrinsic to all human beings particularly children. We all prioritize our emotional needs and give them utmost importance. People who disregard, belittle and trivialize our emotional needs are not welcomed or accepted and rightly have no place in our hearts. People who ignore, emotionally neglect and manipulate others are usually selfish, self-absorbed, lack empathy being unable to relate to feelings of others and generally possess narcissistic tendencies without the ability to understand the emotions that others are going through. It is only natural that we are put off when people close to us and those loved ones we normally look upto and regard highly as well as those that are supposed to support us in our tough times choose to turn their backs on us while trampling on our feelings and even belittling our needs.

Unmet emotional needs are believed to have far greater consequences on one’s physical and mental health. When our emotional needs are not addressed by the expected person it naturally makes us go on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. It can cause emotional turbulence, mental upheaval and mood disorder while making us react unreasonably and negatively often having serious repercussions on our personal well-being. It is human nature to seek emotional validation and when that is absent or lacking and our emotional needs are just neglected our emotional health and well-being are compromised. No doubt people end up becoming emotional wrecks without any sense of control over their emotions and feelings. They can easily and effortlessly swing from one emotion to another in a matter of minutes synonymous with a bi-polared victim.

Having seen their emotional needs denied, rejected and unmet most of the times, these people stop trusting in the goodness of humanity and importantly themselves. They definitely don’t have a sense of self and are constantly plagued with self-doubts and negativity. It becomes quite natural for them to experience a range of negative emotions like anger, frustration, desperation, envy and depression on a regular basis and it is quite easy for them to turn into dysfunctional adults or sometimes their negativity possesses and consumes them completely triggering dangerous consequences even making them anti-socials.

Emotional needs are ubiquitous and children are no exception. In fact, our little ones have numerous emotional needs and sometimes they are guilty of being greedy when they are seen to demand a lion’s share. They can often come across as unreasonable for having varied emotional demands. As parents we have a big responsibility to discern the legitimate emotional needs of our kids and we owe them as the onus is on us to fulfil and meet their emotional needs. Neglecting and turning a blind eye to a child’s emotional needs is definitely irresponsible parenting and tantamount to disrespecting them, their feelings, very being and essence. It amounts to belittling their individuality and violating their miniature identities.

Listening to our children and understanding their needs are undeniably crucial for their mental health, emotional well-being and holistic growth. Acknowledging their emotional needs and fulfilling them shows our support and encouragement to our children and it reassures them tremendously when we connect with their feelings, listen to their viewpoints or perspectives and make attempts to meet their mental needs. Even if we fail to meet their emotional needs immediately and at once, efforts should be undertaken to understand and recognize them first and later appropriate actions can be pursued to fulfil them.

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