Listening is Key to Inspiring Trust in our Children and Winning their Confidence

Listening is the surest way to get closer to our children and know them up-close. Listening signifies our interest in them and shows our unflagging love and affection for them. It is a pointer to our positive feelings and emotions towards them. Listening to our children is a reflection of our commitment to their personal growth of well-being and accomplishment. Children at once get reassurances that we care for their views, opinions, likes, dislikes, individual tastes and when we begin to listen and understand their emotions, we instantly inspire trust in them and automatically come across as reliable people that our children can at once rely on and confide in. Most kids look up to adults who are trustworthy and positive role models with the ability to empathize with them. When we listen to our kids it actually means we are hearing them out and trying to understand their needs and feelings. It shows a parent’s sensitivity and empathy for his/her child.

Listening is a sign of an emotionally mature and understanding parent as she listens non judgmentally and objectively to her children. To be heard and listened is a basic emotional need of every human being and it hurts terribly when someone we trust refuses to hear us out. When parents aren’t available to their kids to tune into their feelings by lending an ear to them it sows the first seed of resentment, distrust and negativity towards parents. Nobody likes to go unheard and it is only normal and natural for us to expect other human beings to listen to our viewpoints, thoughts as well as emotions. When our basic emotional need to be heard is unmet it indeed causes great deal of frustration. People refusing to hear out others, instead choosing to cold shoulder their feelings are usually callous, egoic, indifferent and self-centered looking to serve their own vested interests!

Listening reveals our sensitivity and empathy while showing the caring and nurturing side in us. It throws light on the humane dimension in us. Not listening and paying attention leads to dysfunctional relationships. Communication and listening are two important factors influencing relationships. Relationships can be built or broken if these two critical aspects are missing and absent. For relationships to grow, develop and strengthen tuning into each other is imperative and this tuning as well as true connection can happen only by listening. When we listen to our kids it fulfils an emotional need in them and empowers them incredibly while making them confident and self-assured individuals. Without hearing out the other person it is impossible to understand him/her let alone know their interests and dislikes.

Not listening causes needless build up of tension and misunderstanding between two individuals. It causes unwarranted and unnecessary discontent and results in bottling up of sentiments when someone is refused a hearing or audience. Listening is usually one of the first steps taken to diffuse tensions between people and is often seen as a vital strategy or tool to improve communication and establish closer ties. It helps in the instant building of rapport and connection, invariably sending positive reassuring messages to the speaker.


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