Morning Hugs With Our Children Ease Stress In Parent-Child Equations

How do you wake your children up in the mornings? Do you awaken them by calling out their names frantically for them to get ready to school on time? Are your wake-up calls actually shouts of desperation, exasperation, agony, hopelessness and resignation? As a parent do you find yourself yelling in the morning at your child badgering her/him to perform their routine tasks at hand and understand their responsibilities? Do you awaken your daughter with motivating thoughts, inspiring sayings and uplifting statements?

Have you assessed and observed your own statements or declarations as you wake your child up in the morning? Are they kind oozing love and affection? Do they radiate wisdom, understanding, maturity and empathy expected out of a parent? Do your morning wake up calls reflect sensitivity, patience and selflessness? Do your morning cries exude exuberance for your child’s growth, learning and his future? Are you generally excited for your child’s day at school, are you looking forward to seeing her friends at school and popping in to say a quick hello to her school teacher? Are you eager to meet other parents who your children are extremely familiar with and keen on catching up on your respective kids’ progress? As a mom/dad are you ready to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and information about your child’s development and growth?

Are your cries and calls in the very morning mundane, monotonous reflecting nonchalance and even boredom at having to perform the same chore day after day with stunning regularity, familiarity and sameness? Or are your morning calls remarkably soothing emitting positivity and inspiration to look ahead to the future with hope and enthusiasm? Do you wake your child up with positive affirmations, gentle and warm declarations of love, refreshing energy and kind reminders of their tasks? Do your children look forward to you waking them up in the morning and is it something that they expect badly while revealing their playful, childish and innocent nature? As a mother do you cuddle your toddlers and hug your children just to wake them up?

Yelling and shouting out our children’s names as well as our pleas, instructions, commands and demands for them to wake up in the morning are most likely to fall on deaf ears and are in fact an exercise in futility. Instructing and urging the kids usually come to naught and are rather negated without yielding results. Morning exhortations for kids to wake up normally don’t pay off, they don’t return dividends, not profit us, serve our interests or purpose and generally don’t give us the desired outcomes. Instructions and commands will all go down the drain if we don’t fuse and integrate them with love, empathy and warmth.

My child would give me a cold-shoulder, ignore me by being callous and would even be defiant and resistant to all my pleas and instructions. However, the moment I hug her, cuddle her and wake her up with loving embraces, soft kisses and gentle reminders she is up on her toes at once taking me by surprise. She immediately bursts to life and gone are her seeming inertia and apathy. She immediately sets to work leaving me to wonder at the most effective parenting strategies to make kids listen to their parents – love and hugs. Yes, love and hugs are the most powerful parenting tactics! They deepen our bonds, take us closer to our children and make our ties stronger and powerful without any gaps for cracks to develop, holes for water to seep in or any space and room for doubts and negativity to creep. Morning hugs are my secret ritual and rite to wake my child up to welcome another day filled with cheer, joy, growth and laughter along with some productive learning. Morning hugs are my weapons against my daughter’s resistance and recalcitrance.

Embracing children as soon as they wake up is a good start to the day. When used as a strategy to wake them up and remind them of their school tasks it transforms into positive parenting as the very act is uplifting bringing in waves of passion, affection and warmth into a relationship. Hugs and kisses are healing as well as empowering to our children. They lift their spirits and motivate them. When our ego-based instructions fail it is love and hugs that will eventually carry our messages to our children. When we hug our child the first thing in the morning it clears all air of negativity and ushers in more love, understanding and intimacy to easily develop/flow between a parent and child. Our children immediately start listening to us. Morning embraces are the antidote to our ignored and disregarded messages or instructions. They energize our children inspiring them to higher actions. Embraces and love showered on the kids always have a soothing and reassuring effect on them. Many self-assured and confident adults attribute their success to the care, love and warmth with which they were raised as children by their parents. It will go a long way in creating positive and wonderful memories about parents in the minds of our children.   

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