Know The Key Factors Influencing The Holistic Growth Of Our Children

Holistic or overall development that includes the physical, emotional, social and spiritual facets or dimensions of our children is extremely important and its importance can’t be overemphasized. Ignoring the factors influencing the overall growth of our children is akin to denying them a bright and healthy future. It is resisting the forces that contribute to the positive growth of the individual and it certainly hinders the psychological and spiritual make-up of the kids. Our children are affected when these factors aren’t accounted. When we compromise on their growth unconsciously, we are actually preventing them from realizing their true strengths and they are unable to lead a productive and optimized life. A life is gone waste as it turns useless and begins to deteriorate being trapped in a limited and narrow perception of itself. Living a life where an individual has failed to connect with his inner strengths but rather underrating and devaluing life’s endless possibilities and limitless potential is underestimation of life itself and ignorance of its infinity and the endless power of the universe to manifest manifold realities and hopes. A life lived without understanding the true scope and potential of our personal sovereign nature is failing to connect with our inner essence and it is actually underestimating the positive aspects of life. It is really underutilizing ourselves and under-optimizing the natural resources that this universe has to offer.

Not raising our children with love and care as well as invalidating their feelings and not being physically and emotionally present in their lives needless to say will affect our child’s development adversely. It reflects complacency, ignorance and even a certain degree of our lackadaisical as well as our lethargic and indifferent approach towards our children.

The three main factors responsible for the holistic growth of our children are:

  1. Love, care and affection
  2. Emotional investment in our child’s life
  3. Validation of their feelings and emotions.

Love, Care and Affection – Often in our own hurry to raise kids and our routine responsibilities galore, we ignore the most important factor while nurturing kids. When a child is emotionally neglected and not nurtured with love and warmth the child will certainly end up having false perceptions about himself and the world around him. Having an adequate and right perception about oneself and others is extremely crucial for our success as individuals. Children raised in an environment devoid of love, affection and laughter will end up having several psychological issues later manifesting themselves as physical ailments. They generally lead an unproductive and under-utilized life and even adopt a self-destructive and fatalistic approach towards life. If we have distorted understandings about life itself then the latter will not be able to support our growth adequately. Parents have a major responsibility in ensuring that their children receive adequate care, protection, empathy and affection without which relationships fail to thrive.

Emotional Investment in our Child’s Life – It goes without saying that not investing appropriately and adequately in our children’s life impacts their growth in several ways. When we fail to spend time with our children it means we are failing to take initiatives to understand them and refusing to see them as individuals full of infinite potential. By emotionally neglecting them we send all the wrong and negative signals. Not understanding our children properly is the root cause of all problems with our children. For more information on the importance of emotional investment, I would request parents to read my previous post ‘Emotional Investment in Our Children’s lives Empowers Them’.

Validation of a Child’s Feelings and Emotions – Invalidating and neglecting the feelings and emotions of our children can have disastrous consequences. When we empathize with our child’s emotions it makes our bond stronger taking us a step closer to her. It reassures them making the children self-confident, productive and happy individuals who further contribute positively to their own self-growth and evolution by taking personal responsibility and also working in the larger interests of others. Harmonious environments are established by understanding and empathizing with the needs as well as accommodating the wants of one another from a space of giving, sharing, peace, sensitivity, awareness and consideration.  


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