Six Powerful Ways To Empower Your Children

Empowering our children should be foremost on our minds and should be prioritized while raising our children. Parenting is all about empowering and strengthening the minds, spirits and bodies of the children. All strategies to raise our children go down the drain and will fail if we don’t empower them adequately and help them to build resilience, confidence and trust in themselves and the world they constantly interact with and relate to. Without a doubt all our efforts to bring up intelligent, mindful and empathetic children will fall flat if we don’t emphasize on making our kids stronger, capable, productive and competent in this world. Ignoring this important aspect of parenting can impact our children negatively.

Love and Care – Without love and care children will not understand the finer, crucial and higher aspects as well as greater dimensions in themselves and in others. It is only love and care that make the children confident and empathetic to others. Children raised in dysfunctional homes where care, affection and love are missing struggle to understand the world around them let alone themselves. Raising and bringing up kids in an environment where they only see neglect, self-absorption and ignorance will lead them to develop these qualities in themselves and grow up invalidating their personal feelings and emotions failing to connect within and understand their own selves. They grow up not knowing any positive aspects and subtler realms existing within all human-beings and end up relating to others with insensitivity, lack of empathy, mistrust, diffidence and even hostility as they harbor negative feelings like envy, fear, ignorance and inferiority. Lack of self-confidence and feelings of low self-worth can easily be traced to loveless, uncaring and insensitive homes. For kids who are generally diffident, introverted, and struggle to open up to others showering love, care and affection generously on them will go a long way in reassuring them.

Attentive Listening – Listening is crucial to building relationships and ties with people. If we are to establish a rapport with our children, then it is possible only by listening keenly and mindfully to their needs and emotions. Spend time with your children everyday by taking out at least 40 minutes to understand their general opinions and views about their school, friends and people around them. Gently ask them to share their day’s activities while you understand their interests, hobbies and connect better with their desires and feelings.

Communication – No relationship can possibly be built if as crucial a determinant as communication is ignored. It is communication that makes us alive and understand each other’s feelings and deepest wants. In an environment where communication is absent misunderstandings, misgivings and negativity are only natural and something to be expected. To establish stronger ties, constant communication with our loved ones is extremely crucial.

Spending Quality Time – Taking out time to enjoy each other’s presence and connect with one another will undoubtedly strengthen relationships and cement bonds naturally. By spending time together and putting in efforts to understand our children better we build their confidence and create trust as well as achieve a certain level of intimacy and bonding with our children.

Happy Homes – It is happy, positive, affectionate and safe homes that raise happy and cheerful children. In homes where happiness and positivity are missing children are most likely to go astray squandering their innate energies and talents.

Validating Feelings and Needs – When a child’s needs and emotions are not validated it means they are being ignored, not respected enough, cared for, neglected and not loved for being themselves. Children raised in families with their needs being unmet and feelings neglected tend to become dysfunctional with strong and distorted understandings about themselves and the world in general. They are more likely to emulate, pick up and carry the negative patterns they have seen in their childhood to adulthood resulting in an unfulfilled and even maladjusted lives.


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