Optimizing Lockdown

The thought of optimizing the current lockdown undoubtedly sounds ironical and even callous given its consequences on the people, economy, businesses and life itself. With its so many adverse effects on us, it is difficult for some people especially those living in countries where stringent measures have been enforced to view it in a positive light. Lockdown obviously is a negative situation, an unexpected outcome and an unfavourable circumstance/development for all of us considering that it has ruthlessly restricted all freedom of movement and curtailed our rights and liberties. From a human rights’ perspective, a lockdown represents oppression, anti-freedom, autocracy, dictatorship, anti-individualism and anti-democracy while it limits our rights, privileges and liberties in an arbitrary and insensitive manner. It is generally considered as an affront to the freedom of movement and individual expression stealing our pleasures away. Nevertheless, it was a much-needed measure and was desperately required to contain a global pandemic spiralling out of control. The world resorted to stringent lockdown measures when everything else had failed and it was the only option left – a solitary route and course of action out of the crisis threatening humanity. If it is not for the lockdown, the catastrophe can be unmanageable with the consequences completely unimaginable and inconceivable.

As we stay at home and explore new ways of optimal and productive living, let us be grateful for the opportunity to be staying indoors and spending some quality time with our family members even as we pray for everyone’s well-being and success. Calamities, adversities and suffering often bring out the best in individuals who raise above their daunting circumstances and hostile conditions to emerge successful while they start to guide, motivate and lead others from darkness to light, from questions to answers and from a state of anxiety to ease and peace. Without a question, the lockdown is a testing time which is demanding us to raise our games and more importantly our level of awareness and consciousness, so that we can together combat this debacle successfully. Tough times call for tough actions and a certain level of self-introspection and self-reflection that would eventually propel us to move forward and essentially towards making those changes or adjustments, which we resisted earlier because we had to come out of our comfort zones and experience self-growth as well as personal evolution. The big question is are we using the time constructively and productively or have been using it to fritter away our energies on negative, dysfunctional and limiting thinking?

Humanity has survived paralyzing debacles before by being armed with just five essential life skills – optimism, resilience, grit, hope and faith with life always continuing to exist, blossom and thrive.

Strategies to Optimize this Lockdown

  1. Spending Time with Children and Our Families – We are all under a lockdown which has forced us to make changes and adjustments to our schedules and routines much to our dismay. So many compromises have been made as we welcome new changes and realize much to our surprise that we are slowly outgrowing our repetitive and fixed patterns while we think of new ways to handle the situation. As we have plenty of time on hands now which was a concern and constraint earlier, we can now look at managing and utilizing it responsibly and mindfully.

This is the time to bond with our loved ones by connecting and understanding each other. Playing games together, indulging in friendly banter, spending time in cooperation by watching healthy and positive programmes on the TV especially designed for children as well as home schooling them by taking keen interest in their academics. This can be done through reading story books along with your kids following which you can ask them to write about the characters, the stories they have just heard and their individual reviews by thinking critically and independently. It is a useful activity that not just improves their listening and writing skills but also develops their creativity, imagination and critical as well as analytical thinking. Playing educational or fun games on the computer and engaging in online learning will make for quality bonding time. By emotionally investing time in our child’s life we strengthen bonds with them and build long-lasting ties. Make it a point to eat together as it is a time-proven strategy to improve ties and relations as well as it creates healthy and strong connections.

Love, Care, Empathy and Affection – For all of us, this is an opportunity to express love and affection to each other. Put in efforts to create healthy and positive vibes for your family by showering love on each and every member in your close-knit group and don’t forget to empathize with each other’s needs or concerns by acting sensitively in a spirit of unity, togetherness, gratitude, true connection, sharing, giving and kindness.

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