Are You Creating Positive Memories With Your Children?

Most of us understand the importance of creating positive memories given that we are all aware that it is essentially those wonderful moments and experiences that aid our personal and spiritual evolution, adding value and meaning to our lives. The memories that we create will help us to not just feel nostalgic time and again about certain people, events, places, incidents but will also strengthen and empower us to lead a more optimized and fulfilling life. Some incredible and unforgettable memories that we gather and accumulate typically last a lifetime for us to look back nostalgically, emotionally and wistfully as we brim with happiness and joy from time to time. Memories like emotions are here to serve us as they enable us to learn and help us grow personally. A few memories leave a lasting impression on our minds and turn into indelible imprints on our souls.

Observe and examine your memories closely and attentively. Are you only hit by pleasant feelings of nostalgia and excitement? Or are you able to dig deeper, read between the lines and see a few hidden and discrete gems of wisdom and truths? Do you see lessons in your memories? Can you see how your association with a particular individual, or an experience has in fact awakened you, pushed you to discover new possibilities, defy boundaries and propelled you to scale greater/new heights? Have you ever wondered how it was strangely possible for one particular experience that you had five years back to change your values, beliefs and thought-processes forever? Perhaps you got in sync with your innate qualities of kindness or hidden talents like creativity and leadership through a chance encounter with a total stranger? Or may be that past experience enabled you to see so many hidden and unknown aspects of yourself?

Memories are undeniably important for our own intrinsic growth and spiritual evolution. They enrich our lives and embellish them by sprinkling the much- needed color and vibrance on our very selves. Most of us swear by our personal memories as we sentimentally pull out an anecdote from our lives and narrate them with passion and verve. As we go down the memory lane and become nostalgic about our former years, we inevitably recall all positive and not so positive memories to our loved ones savoring and reliving every bit of our memorable experiences. The criticality of memories can’t be emphasized enough because it is not just our hearts that recollect sweet memories even our brains love to store them and retrieve them from their favorite part called hippocampus.

We look back at some of our amazing and incredible memories with a sense of accomplishment, fulfilment, peace, happiness and pride. As we create memories in the present, we are bound to look back at them in the future with the understanding that they exist to remind us of our little triumphs, joyous moments of celebration and togetherness along with our baby steps towards achieving our personal goals or ambitions, making new discoveries and learning novel things.

Memories in an incredibly uncanny way sustain us while making us stronger and accelerating our personal evolution. Needless to say, they enhance our lives in so many unimaginable ways. Several people spend and live their lives by just recalling good old memories and sharing them with their dear ones. Is it any surprise then to underscore the point that creating memories with our children is of utmost importance and in fact a priority? Positive and long-lasting impressions or memories have the power to shape the personality, character and psyche of a child. It is the memories stored in the subconscious that will transform and mold our children into sensitive, kind and intuitive beings! Negative memories and experiences obviously leave an adverse impact on the children’s mindset leading to dysfunctional patterns and attitudes in them. Most kids exhibiting unwarranted and undesirable traits generally are storing and carrying negative impressions in their brains and hearts causing them to act recklessly, irresponsibly and mindlessly towards themselves and others.

The onus is on parents to create novel, unique and positive memories with their children so that the latter can grow up to become understanding and evolved adults. It is usually memories that we rely on and fall back on to get over challenging times. They make us human, shape us and help us grow into better human beings. A life without memories is in fact alien to the entire human race and it is difficult for us to survive and lead a life devoid of memories. Creating memories with our children is an act of love and commitment towards their personal and individual growth. It is a major contribution on behalf of a parent towards the overall development of a child. When children grow up to become adults, it is the memories that they have created with their parents that will remind them of the latter’s affection and dedication towards them. Kids unable to recall any positive memory or association with their parents speak volumes about the wasted childhood with their caregivers. It reflects their lacklustre life with their parents, bearing witness to their troubled and neglected childhood years. It tells of a sad and negative story about their younger selves and demonstrates the unconscious, negligent, indifferent and ignorant facets of parents.

Nothing empowers our children and establishes a connection more that creating positive memories with them. It lifts their spirits and the parent-child relationship is naturally elevated when parents start focusing on creating beautiful memories with their children.

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