Eight Riveting Shows To Watch With Your Children This Lockdown

We are living in times of excesses and surpluses! One look at the myriad range of kids’ programmes on the Internet would vouch for this statement. A surfeit of shows dominates our screen space and indiscriminate viewing of them can affect our mind space while creating an undesirable imbalance in our bodies. Given that we are spoilt for choices, it becomes even more important to watch the right fare on our TV and electronic devices. The emphasis on watching quality programmes has never been this important! The need to be more discerning about the visuals we take in and absorb is more real and vital than ever before.

Inappropriate and mindless shows only promote dysfunctional, negative as well as unhealthy images and messages, which once downloaded into our minds can have a debilitating effect. Therefore, it is vitally crucial to exercise our discretion in determining the best shows for our children. Among a plethora of child-friendly programmes that are available both on YouTube and TV, surprisingly there are a good number of them that are endearing, popular and stand out for their quality. They are unique and refreshing owing to several factors. One of them is that they encourage positive messages and healthy visuals. Sending right signals and messages is critical for the well-being, transformation and evolution of society. Transition, change and growth can happen only when positive messages are perpetuated, disseminated, internalised and assimilated into our psyche.

When children are exposed to negative visuals it obviously leaves all false, wrong and unhealthy impressions on their psyche causing unwarranted disturbances in brain patterns and disrupting their functions as well as behaviour. Hence, parents will have to be extremely conscious over selecting the right programmes. Parents have a greater responsibility now in looking out for their children while they keep a close eye on how their kids are taking in the visuals and processing them. Watching age-related and appropriate contents is extremely important to only state the obvious. Fortunately, the Generation Alpha kids have access to some extraordinary technology and uplifting contents or shows. A few of the shows, which are entertaining as well as extremely informative and educative for the kids and worth watching on the TV or the Internet during this lockdown are listed below.

Maddie’s Do you Know – The programme although slightly advanced for the 5-6-year-old category of children is rather ideal for the 7-10 age group. It features exceptional educational videos about Science with the host Maddie making them amazingly engaging, entertaining and appealing for the kids. She makes learning fun in her own inimitable style infusing it with her own persona and charm while she explains difficult concepts and overwhelming subjects. She makes learning easy, fun and interesting for the children who can get over their phobias and bias related to learning by watching her programs regularly.

Blippi – Blippi is another educational programme that young children especially those in early years can rely on. It is extremely beneficial for the 5-6-year age category as the primary school goers find the videos extremely relatable, endearing and entertaining all at the same time. Like Maddie, Blippi too effectively engages children in his own unique way imbuing his shows with a lot of character, humour and wit while he shares his insights and perspectives on difficult topics that kids find hard to grasp. Making the show colourful, fun and vibrant with music and exclusive contents, Blippi easily strikes a chord with the little ones!

Ben and Holly – A thoroughly entertaining program for the children, Ben and Holly is all about magic, imagination, adventures and mystery. Children naturally believe in magic and otherworldly dimensions that as adults we find difficult to fathom. Colour and magic attract kids like nothing else and Ben and Holly offers that in plenty!

Aania and Elsia – Ask any toddler to talk about their favourite programme on Youtube and chances are they will to fling names of Aania and Elsia at you. This show is hugely popular with several children. One can accuse the programme of pandering to snobbish and vanity sentiments about two mothers leading extravagant lives with their children devoid of any issues and struggles but when we understand that it has to be seen in an entertainment and fun context all such reservations dissipate easily. That’s artistic license for you!

Ryan’s Science Experiments – The science experiments conducted by Ryan resonate extremely well with many kids. As some of the videos integrate education and entertainment in a refreshing way, Ryan’s adventures are something that kids can look forward to on a regular basis with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Topsy and Tim – An extremely endearing and popular show with children, Topsy and Tim seeks to promote and spread positive messages and visuals of strong families, relationships, friendships, love, peace togetherness, unity, strength and healthy values of commitment, understanding, empathy and patience in children. As the kids play, learn and live together channelling their imagination and creativity constructively, the programme connects well with kids and parents alike! Just when the show threatens to reinforce stereotypes with its depiction of a woman’s only goal is to stay at home and procreate, it makes a course correction to portray an empowering and influential female lead attempting to mentor, inspire and give only the  best for her family and her loved ones! As the mother goes about instilling the right values in her kids spreading love, positivity, kindness and happiness becomes integral to her mindful living. Topsy and Tim is a must watch and is my personal favourite! Don’t forget to watch out for the opening song with its profound lyrics and captivating music!

Peepa Pig – Peppa Pig has been an instant hit with the children since its launching days. The show was guilty too of stereotyping Peppa’s mother however it soon made amends and emerged with a much bolder and modern version that children and adults can easily relate to. It is thoroughly entertaining and engaging for most toddlers and kids in early years!

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